Usage Instructions and Cautions


Olympic Forge Fold Flat Fire Pit Instructions




This is a fire pit. You put a fire in it. You need to use caution to make sure the fire remains contained and is of an appropriate size.


The following warnings apply:


1. Never leave a fire unattended.

2. The steel surfaces on the fire pit will get very hot when a fire is going. Serious burns can result if these surfaces are touched. Maintain a safe distance.

3. An area of at least 2 feet around the fire pit should be non-flammable (6 feet by 5 feet). Concrete step stones from hardware (e.g., Home Depot, Lowes, etc.), outdoor garden stores, or rockery retailers offer low-cost, square step stones that can make a suitable platform to put the fire pit. Make sure that the stones extend past the footprint of the firepit. Additional areas past the stones should be from a non-flammable material (gravel, concrete, dirt, etc.).

4. Do not place the fire pit on wood or simulated wood (e.g., Trex) structures. The feet of the fire pit get hot and may result in damage to a wood deck surface. In some cases, the fire pit could catch a wood deck on fire.

5. Do not allow children to be unattended around the fire pit.

6. Do not use the fire pit in high winds.

7. Do not put the fire pit in any enclosed space. Fire creates fumes that are lethal to life. The fire pit should only be used outside and not near any open window of a habitat (house, tent, RV, etc.)

8. Do not use gasoline or any low flashpoint accelerant to start a fire. This can result in severe burns and even death. Note also that using gasoline and then letting it sit results in flammable vapors being created. Any attempt to ignite these vapors will result in a potentially deadly explosion.

9. If a liquid fire starter is required, please use a standard barbeque fire starter. This liquid does not flare up or create explosive vapors. Still, use caution when using this flammable material. (Demonstrate your woodsmen skills and start the fire using just newspaper or light kindling.)

10. The fire needs to be completely extinguished and the metal sides cool to the touch before the fire pit is disassembled.







Please read all warnings and instructions before using fire pit.


1) Prepare an area for the fire pit to be placed that has non-flammable surface 6 feet by 5 feet (1.8 m by 1.5 m). If the fire pit is to be placed on a wood or simulated wood (e.g., Trex) material, the fire pit should be placed on a concrete platform made from concrete or natural stepping stones. Gaps between stones should be minimized to defeat any stray embers.

2) Assemble the fire pit. The lettering if there is any on the end pieces should be to the outside of the fire pit. The long-angled piece should be inserted first. The second long angled piece should be installed second and rest over the angle. This should form a joint running the length of the fire pit that keeps embers from falling through. Install the grate last.

3) Place the fire pit where it is not a tripping hazard and is a safe distance from any flammable structure.

4) Do not place the fire pit on flammable ground covering (e.g., wood chips).

5) Chose dry kindling to get a fire started and gradually increased the size of the wood.

6) Enjoy. Send us the best ‘Campfire Stories’ to win a free fire pit. Details on our web site.

7) Allow the fire to completely extinguish before disassembling the fire pit. The fire pit should be cool to the touch. Do not put the ashes in the garbage. Ashes can remain hot for a considerable amount of time and result in a trash can fire. A metal container should be used to contain old ashes.

8) Your fire pit can be cleaned with soap and water and stored flat.